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Web Design & Development: CYBG

CYBG: Banking for all/Accessibility

Project brief requests incorporation of information about, and link to, a new SignVideo service for hearing impaired customers on 'Banking for all' page.
Parallel to this brief, and adjusting to a new FCA request, information on 'Accessibility' page needs to be incorporated into 'Banking for all' page.

Information and link to SignVideo service are incorporated into new design. UX is reviewed and a page design is proposed which categorizes information by impairment and includes anchor links to specific impairments. Information is located within accordeons to facilitate navigation to specific concern. Hero banner has been added to provide a more personal feel.
This new page design for 'Banking for all' will now be mirrored in 'Accessibility'.

Accessibility URL
Banking for all URL
proposed Banking for all/Accessibility page image link


CYBG: Savings

Project brief is to create and incorporate a new page, 'Limited Offer Savings Accounts', where the user can view all currently on sale savings accounts (as well as review off sale ones).

Limited offers hub URL

This new page is part of a wider Savings section review which is currently under development. This will include an interest rate calculator, new user journeys to product selection and improved navigation. The following studies are a selection of this development:

current Savings section information architecture image link
proposed Savings section information architecture image link

Proposal for 'Savings' home page incorporates a Savings account comparison table and an interest rate calculator so user can easily compare the properties of each Savings account and calculate possible earnings.

current Savings home page URL
proposed Savings home page prototype image link

Proposal for 'Savings' help page defines a clear navigation that focuses solely on information about Savings accounts.

current Savings help page URL
proposed Savings help page prototype image link

Proposal for new journey on 'Savings' to aid user select a Savings account according to their suitability and means.

proposed Choosing a savings account (new) page prototype image link

Proposal for 'Savings' definitions page to aid further understanding of each Savings product.

proposed Savings definitions (new) page prototype image link



CYBG: Internet Banking

Internet banking is completing its switch over to a new format. Project brief is to remove access to the old Internet Banking format throughout relevant pages. Furthermore, visibility of tutorial videos needs to be improved as non-embedded videos are not viewed enough in comparison to the main embedded video. Features of the new Internet Banking format, are to be collected and represented accordingly.
Proposal includes a visual video selection display for heightened visibility of non-embedded videos, and a new set of Internet Banking features has been selected and grouped.

current Internet Banking page image link
proposed Internet Banking page image link



B: Studio B

Project brief for Studio B website was to increase interaction and encourage users to vote on the ideas produced by Studio B's Innovation Lab.
A restructure of Studio B website was proposed in order to incorporate the narrative of how ideas are formed by Studio B's Innovation Lab and thus inform the user before being led to vote on these.
A new page (an archive for these ideas) was added and navigation was streamlined, removing surplus pages, as part of this restructure.

Studio B link



CYBG: Bereavement support

Design new section for CYBG websites to incorporate information on Bereavement support services.
Bereavement support link



CYBG: Switch mortgages

Creation of new journey to facilitate the selection of a new mortgage when switching mortgages online.

Switch mortgages link