Casa Henrietta

Current: Digital Design

Responsive website design, copy and coding for Casa Henrietta, a boutique hotel located in Jimena de la Frontera, Spain.


Original brief requested a responsive website. Data analytics were added to previous HTML code and studied. Data pointed to 54% of users arriving at website using mobile devices (both mobile and tablet), therefore the need for a responsive website was confirmed, and built.


Casa Henrietta's online USP is the possibility to view individual rooms, before booking through recepetion. This service is not avaiable on other online booking sites.
'Rooms' page was expanded to incorporate photographs and individual characteristics for each room.
Bookings made directly through reception, and requesting specific rooms, have increased by 46% since implementation (data provided by Casa Henrietta).

Current work in progress

Using lean UX methodologies, current work in progress is focused on the following areas:

50% of visitors to site are non-Spanish (location and/or browser language). Study of user flows point to English language users not going directly to English site version, and instead navigating through Spanish version of site before heading to the English version. Language tab on main menu has been highlighted.

In order to further increase bookings made through hotel reception, a 'Bookings' page has been added with all relevant information necessary to book directly through the hotel, which also highlights the added value in doing so for the customer.